Classes and Training to for you and your dog

Join our classes and learn how to create a successful relationship with your dog. Scott is an experienced and compassionate teacher, who will help you and your buddy to grow into a great team.

Current ClassesDates
Puppy ClassJul 3 to Aug 7
Basic Obedience ClassAug 23 to Oct 7
Canine Good CitizenTBD
Compassion with Paws Therapy Training[Must have taken Basic Obedience and Canine Good Citizen]TBD
Tracking ClassJul 2 to Aug 13
*NEW* Environmental ObedienceJun 27 to Aug 15
Antler Shed ClassesJun 28 to Aug 9

Puppy Class

WClasses kes to successful dog ownershiphether you are a new dog owner with your first puppy, or a seasoned dog owner getting a new puppy, Das Hund Haus LLC offers a puppy class just for you. The class is designed and offers your new puppy a foundation of order and stability. The goal of the class at the end of the six weeks is to provide your puppy with a basic understanding of obedience. The class also provides the handler with information regarding the puppy( nutrition, grooming, potty training, and other needs). So, by the end of the course the handler and puppy will start to form a bond that will last a lifetime. The puppy will learn to trust and obey the handler, and the handler will learn to trust the dog.

Cost $120.00 for 7 week class

 Basic Obedience

Dogs are dogs, but an obedient dog is a respected part of the family. Every dog needs a basic foundation of obedience from which to draw from. Whether the dog is sitting, placed in a down, or walking with the handler down an old country road the dog must be under control. We get this control from obedience.

The basic obedience course is designed to give the K-9 that basic obedient structure that the dog will carry the rest of it’s life. Basic obedience is a great way to create that bond that develops between handler and dog. Dogs are social animals and need that interaction with us and other dogs to be strong and confident. Basic obedience creates that bond and over time makes it stronger. Basic obedience is much more than just sit, stay, and heel. In the class we use creative learning techniques to teach the canine and handler the best ways to motivate the canine into completing the task at hand.

Cost $120.00 for 7 week class

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog classes

CGC and Therapy Dog Classes

Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen is a certification sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In order to obtain certification your dog must complete 10 tasks or tests. These tasks are designed to test your dog for aggression and shyness. Das Hund Haus LLC provides a six week course to prepare the dog and handler for the test. On the sixth week all the dogs are tested and a short graduation ceremony is conducted. The canines passing the test are awarded a certificate of completion and are recognized for becoming Canine Good Citizens.

The handler will also receive paperwork to send into the American Kennel Club to receive a certificate and have their canine registered as a Canine Good citizen. The State of Wisconsin also recognizes dog owners whose K-9’s have passed the Canine Good Citizen test as responsible dog owners. Some insurance companies will accept the Canine Good Citizen program and reduce your insurance.
The Canine Good Citizen program is a great way to spend time with your dog, and in the end you both can earn a certification you can be proud of.

Cost $120.00 for 7 week class

Tracking Class    

Call Das Hund Haus for more information on the Tracking class coming this spring!

Cost $120.00 for 7 week class

*New* Environmental Obedience Class    

Call Das Hund Haus for more information on the Environmental Obedience class coming this spring!

Cost $150.00 for 7 week class

Compasion with Paws Therapy Class

Call Das Hund Haus for more information on the Compassion with Paws Therapy class coming this spring!

Cost $310.00 for 7 week class

Board & Train Programs – Intense one-on-one training. Basic Obedience skills taught with results guaranteed.   Cost $40.00 per hour

  • Daily One on One Training while your dog is boarding (Monday – Friday sessions) – We’ll work on your highest priority issues
    • $65.00 per dog, per day
    • Includes 1 hour training per day
    • Includes boarding stay with many potty breaks

  • Positive Reinforcement used in all Training

  • Therapy Dog Training –  Call (608)882-1402 for more information!

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